PORK pricing

The hours available to our customers are from 3pm 6pm on Friday and Saturday. You can always count on us being there during those times.

However, all it takes is a call, text, or e-mail and you can schedule a more convenient time to meet with us.

We take cash, checks, and most credit cards.


Pork at Pleasantville

1830 Pleasantville Road Forest Hill, MD  21050      


Joe  (410) 218-2793  Adam  (443) 655-5341 pleasantvillebeef.com facebook.com/PleasantvilleBeef
*All prices in dollars per pound
Product Price Per Pound Product Price Per Pound
Pork Chops Bone-In  9 All Roasts 8

Boneless, Boston Butt, Boneless Shoulder

Pork Chops Boneless   9
Tenderloins  10 Pork Sausage   7 per pack
Pork Smoked Ham 8 Sweet Sausage  7 per pack
Pork Smoked Boneless Ham 8  Hot Sausage  7 per pack
Baby Back Ribs  9  Smoked Bacon 8 per pack
Spare Ribs 8 Smoked Ham Hocks 5 per pack



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